Tech-savvy Companies are Leveraging NFTs to Take Back Control of their Brands and Build Loyal Online Communities

علي سجواني يحث الشركات المتبنية للتكنولوجيا على الاستفادة من الرموز غير القابلة للاستبدال

  Dubai, United Arab Emirates Non-fungible commemoratives( NFTs) represent a golden occasion for organisations looking to take back control of their brands and grow their online communities, according to Ali Sajwani, Chief Executive Officer of D- Labs and General Manager- Operations at UAE- headquartered DAMAC parcels. The unique commemoratives, which enable digital denizens to invest via the blockchain, constantly take the form of unique artworks, furnishing undisputable power for buyers. In 2021, NFT trading hit USD17.6 billion, with merchandisers making USD5.4 billion in earnings- a time- on- time increase of…

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