Fashion designer Marwa Ghassan: I dream of reaching the world

مصممة الأزياء مروة غسان: أحلم بالوصول إلى العالمية

Syrian designer Marwa Ghassan was able to enter the world of fashion and became a brilliant name in the world of fashion, as she participated in many major fashion shows in the Emirate of Dubai, and her shows received great response and admiration. Marwa Ghassan’s designs are distinguished by the luxurious colors and fabrics, the lines and the stitch that she knits with love, and she is attracted by the ungraded colors, which ultimately creates a strong piece of presence and design that gives the impression of a woman’s elegance.…

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Fashion designer Marwa Ghassan: I love fashion and I love innovation

مصممة الأزياء مروة غسان: أعشق الموضة وأحب التجديد

Since her early childhood, fashion designer Marwa Ghassan loved the world of fashion and learned a lot in this field, as she refined her talent by studying and learning to become today one of the most famous fashion designers in the UAE and the Arab countries. In this context, the designer says: “I love fashion and I love innovation and change, and this is the role of fashion makers to come up with everything new. I adhere to what suits my designs that are woven by hand embroidery, taking into…

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