The Health Bank Presents A Pilot Study on Remote Health Monitoring for Diabetes at the MESPEN Congress

بنك الصحة العالمي ينجز دراسة تجريبية حول مراقبة الصحة عن بعد لمرض السكري في مؤتمر جمعية الشرق الأوسط للتغذية الوريدية والمعوية

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Globally, Chronic illnesses pose a major socioeconomic burden. Research indicates that one in every three adults worldwide lives with more than one form of chronic illness, incurring considerable costs for both the individual and on healthcare systems, at large. Through their Connected Care Program, The Health Bank Global (THB) have modernized remote health monitoring by making patients an active part of their healthcare journey. By harnessing such methods, patients facing chronic conditions are able to monitor their own symptoms and take control over their own…

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