High school student makes it to top USA university with a strong student profile and great recommendations

Strong Student Profile Tanush’s Secret to Getting a Scholarship and Admission to University of Massachusetts

الملف التعريفي للطالب “تانوش سافادي”  في الحصول على منحة دراسية والقبول في جامعة ماساتشوستس

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Even before he got to high school, Tanush Savadi always dreamed of going to an international university in the US. Along with preparing for the standardized test, Tanush had put extra effort into building a rock-solid student profile leading to the fulfillment of his dream. Tanush knew that his SAT scores can fluctuate depending on the difficulty level of the assessment. But one thing he was sure about is that strong recommendations, valuable certificates and futuristic skills will help him get into his dream university. 18-year-old…