Multi-instrumental musical prodigy Jacob Collier showcases relentlessly creative spirit at Expo 2020 Dubai

 Multiple Grammy-winning artist Jacob Collier performed a gripping set tonight (29 January) at Jubilee Stage with a blend of crossover jazz, R&B and pop with contemporary electronic techniques.

Charging onto the stage, he began with a call and response, with variations of the simple word “hello”, engaging the audience and setting the tone for the evening.

النجم البريطاني جاكوب كولير يحيي حفلا باذخا في إكسبو 2020 دبي

Greeting the audience, Jacob Collier said: “It is magnificent to be here. Never once have I played a show in Dubai. Thank you for having me and for being here for me. Expo 2020 Dubai is so beautiful. You are all beautiful. What I love about Expo 2020 is the different flavours, the different stories and the different sounds. I’m like a kid in a candy store here. I haven’t played a solo concert for over three years, but I have resurrected a show just for you.”

Asking the crowd if they were all musicians – to rapturous affirmation – he then launched into a soulful rendition of the Carpenters’ Close to You, with his impressive vocal range including alto and falsetto.

Traversing jazz, hip hop, blues and funk, Collier – dressed in stripy harem pants – dashed about the stage like a harmonic superhero, changing instruments – drums, bass guitar, double bass, piano – at a furious pace.

Collier’s music began as YouTube covers filmed in his childhood bedroom, but now the prodigious musician’s standing has skyrocketing in the music industry, picking up a host of Grammys along the way. His debut album, aptly titled In My Room, won two Grammys, and he has gone on to become the first British artist to receive a Grammy for each of his first four albums.

His heartfelt performance of a Beach Boys cover of In My Room on the Jubilee Stage proved to be one of the evening’s highlights.

A musician’s musician, Collier has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Coldplay and David Crosby.